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  2. VOD & boxsets

    Hi can anyone recommend somewhere to download good quality movies and tv series I can use for vod?
  3. Can we have an additional setting to only include STARTED streams in the playlist export, instead of all the channels.
  4. hey all I would like to suggestions please as to the best option for the following settings so my users get the most stable connections...... 1) Prebuffer In seconds - 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60s? 2) Use Buffer to store the Data Before Sending them to client - Yes or No? 3) Buffer Size For Reading - 8192 or higher/lower value? Also do you use a profile for Transcode Profile option for any streams? Cheers
  5. As in the company, I agree 30TB is nothing for IPTV
  6. About panel API

    The api works fine but make sure you add your server to the api allowed ips
  7. translate panel xtream codes, got how?

    The code is protected however... you can translate every section you can see on your browser and send it to the xtream codes time and maybe they can give you a translated one to replace...
  8. They can just disable it... but for expired accounts and lines and macs.... i usually run the tools to delete all expired accounts and macs once a week ....
  9. Anyone use cheapwholesaleservers?

    As in this company do you mean xtream codes iptv server option? If so no... 30tb is nothing.. i go through 100tb on multiple servers within the month
  10. Last week
  11. hey Does anyone use this company for their IPTV? They have an IPTV server option IPTV Server Special 1 24TB HDD SATA Enterprise 32 GB DDR3 RAM Intel® Core™ i7-3770 Quad-Core 1 Dedicated IP 1000 Mbit/s Unlimited Traffic Throttled after 30TB P/M which seems good but 30TB P/M before its throttled! and to what? Also why 30TB, seems silly to limit a IPTV server, lol. Also when you try and sign up its asking for a new or current domain, why no just give an IP address like other dedicated? I'd ask them but when you click the contact us link you need to sign up first so you can't even ask them a question before you join, lol. As I'm looking for a new dedciated company now and seen them list details on this forum I thought I'd ask the community for feedback, experience.
  12. yes delete line on reseller panel is removed..
  13. I think the code is protected so it can't be edited
  14. I'm trying to translate my panel into Portuguese, how can I translate? because I found the english.php file but when I open it in some php file editor it gets all messed up and it's a weird code.
  15. IPTV Billing Portal for Xtream Codes

    Hi, I am not sure about your question but would like to share our module support enigma 2 device integration too. Using our Billing Panel, your customer can sign up for Enigma 2 Device Subscription it will create automatically in X.C Panel. For more info, Please add me on skype : lovedeep.singh495 Thanks
  16. IPTV Billing Portal for Xtream Codes

    Hi, Thanks for buying our module. My team must have contacted you. Please add me skype to check your service status. Skype : lovedeep.singh495 Email : sales@whmcssmarters.com I would love to assist you over there. Thanks
  17. Warning: file_get_contents(http://dns:port/api.php?action=user&sub=create): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in /home/theturkmenx/public_html/api.php on line 29 ---------------Dili algılaAfrikaancaAlmancaAmharcaArapçaArnavutçaAzericeBaskçaBatı FrizcesiBelarusçaBengalceBoşnakçaBulgarcaBurmacaCava DiliCebuanoÇekçeÇince (Basitleştirilmiş)Çince (Geleneksel)DancaEndonezceErmeniceEsperantoEstoncaFarsçaFelemenkçeFilipinceFinceFransızcaGalceGaliçyacaGüceratçaGüney Sotho diliGürcüceHaiti KreyoluHausa diliHawaii diliHırvatçaHintçeHmong Diliİbo diliİbraniceİngilizceİrlandacaİskoç GaelcesiİspanyolcaİsveççeİtalyancaİzlandacaJaponcaKannada diliKatalancaKazakçaKırgızcaKmerceKoreceKorsikacaKürtçeLao diliLatinceLehçeLetoncaLitvancaLüksemburgcaMacarcaMakedoncaMalayalam diliMalaycaMalgaşçaMaltacaMaori diliMarathiMoğolcaNepalceNorveççeNyanjaÖzbekçePencapçaPeştucaPortekizceRumenceRusçaSamoa diliSeylancaShonaSırpçaSindhiSlovakçaSlovenceSomaliceSunda DiliSvahiliTacikçeTamilceTaycaTelugu diliTürkçeUkraynacaUrducaVietnamcaYidişYorubacaYunancaZosa diliZulucaTürkçe I uploaded it to the server(host) but it gives this error.
  18. About panel API

    this API is not working
  19. About panel API

    This might help: Insert other media
  20. About panel API

    Hi guys, How can I connect to the panel using the API
  21. IPTV Billing Portal for Xtream Codes

    Hi, I bought the module but I can not can you help me please
  22. IPTV Billing Portal for Xtream Codes

    You are saying an enigma 2 device. Working with the Enigma 2 plugin? or enigma 2 auto script?
  23. Decent proxy

    used this mob as load balancer https://www.bandwidth.co.uk/
  24. Earlier
  25. Decent proxy

    so i can use my server in france to stream bbc iplayer
  26. IPTV Billing Portal for Xtream Codes

    Hi, Any way for this to support a reseller wanting to use WHMCS? I have to manually create / extend all my line via the IPTV panel and it takes a lot of time. Thanks
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