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    Added: Dashboard on User Panel Added: More load balancing methods to split clients (Generla Settings) Added: Support for MAG 32X (General Settings, select the devices) Added: Replace {USERNAME},{PASSWORD} on copy_text for devices table Added: Offline Streams on dashboard is now a link and shows you the offline streams Added: Notification for unread tickets for both resellers and admins Added: Ability for admin to open ticket to any User (Manage Tickets Area) Added: Use Main Domain Name in playlists or do it dynamically ( setting on General Settings area) Fixed: Search for Enigma2 MACs on Connection Logs Fixed: Fast start On HLS Timeshift Fixed: Channel logo On Stalker Portal Fixed: Restart Streams On Audio Loss with Delay Streams Fixed: Logout Button on Reseller panel Fixed: RTMP Output Fixed: Stream Start/Stop on Load balancers via API ( Added "servers" parameter ( array ) ) Fixed: DB optimization tool wont delete unknown columns MISC: Optimizations using Boost Method on main server
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    panel improvement ideas

    I would suggest that somehow the connected client is displayed when the stream source is like "Use Direct Source & do not restream it". Because using this option, the server stops detecting how many times the login can connect. That is, only 1 login can make as many connections as you want and also different IP. In this case we are without any protection.
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    panel improvement ideas

    5. on dashboard a listing showing how many of each source are "UP" so that people using counts can quickly see how many of a line they have active
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    Server Suggestions Please

    https://www.worldstream.nl/en/dedicated/unmetered/info Once you select a server you go to a screen where you can configure exactly what you want. You are looking at about 150 Euro per month.
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    Hello I suggest add to yours panel option payments same what in multics but more payment method! You can then two way. Yours can add this option payment for extra money only for interested option "automatic payment system" Payments system working with expiration date - paypal 100% automatic stop/start paid/unpaid accounts -skrill 100% automatic stop/start paid/unpaid accounts -neteller 100% automatic stop/start paid/unpaid accounts -bank transfer 100% automatic stop/start paid/unpaid accounts - bitcoin - ukash - paysafer card Please Xtreme Codes programist think about add it!