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  1. ask to help

    Hello, sorry, but French is not an international Language like english. The Panel price is 59 Euro plus VAT! Tutorials, part 1 to 4 in english here, more parts will follow: https://www.cnx-software.com/2016/09/22/review-of-xtream-codes-iptv-panel-professional-edition-part-1-introduction-initial-setup-adding-streams/
  2. magbox 322/323 not supported

    Update V2.7.3 from today Added: Mag 3.22 to 3.25
  3. magbox 322/323 not supported

    Open a ticket please, and ask for implementing this Box please
  4. We are selling ONLY the platform. What clients are doing with it, is out of our control. But if you search in the Internet, there are reviews about the V2 Panel Software. You have to learn by yourself! Also pay attention to legality! Xtream-Codes is not responsible for any kind of illegal activities a client have in mind!! Like here: https://www.cnx-software.com/2016/09/22/review-of-xtream-codes-iptv-panel-professional-edition-part-1-introduction-initial-setup-adding-streams/
  5. Supported devices

    Like Ovi already was writing, open a Ticket, and get your "help" about this. Support will manage it for you
  6. This VOD Series Number Is

    This is mainly "thought" for Series, easy to do. After creating a Category-Name for Series, you simply mark the "Parent Category", that's all
  7. Main Server in Boost Mode (No Streams or even Vod's on it, completely empty!!) , his Channel Servers are set to "CLIENT CONNECTIONS ZERO!!" and the Loads are spreading or arranged by the Loadbalancers only. A question of taste, and "quantities" all, i guess. If you do such a setting, be aware that you have the needed Bandwidth on all of your Loadbalancers, Dedicated or Premium Bandwidth.
  8. New panel

    New Login Credentials send to your EMail...you should have contacted us earlier...:)
  9. New panel

    Give me your Registration Email with your Panel/Account please
  10. panel

    Hi Pentagon11, drueck dich doch mal etwas genauer aus. Beide zusammen ZUR GLEICHEN ZEIT? Oder nur abwechselnd jeweils?
  11. how to block channels xxxx

    Yes, already done it, thanks Lor2
  12. Force reselller to server....

    Hi, multiple problems occuring here! You created already the packages. And as a i understand you, you try to reserve a special Server assigned to this specific Reseller afterwards. But understand, the streams you already assigned on different loadbalancers before? Specify please! You could easily assign a new Package with these Parameters as shown in the pictures for your Reseller. Again, specify what you try to do, not 100% clear for me right now
  13. Panel help

    liverpoolscouse! How this could work if you do not create different packages? And how about the Pricing? Contents? Length? You have to create each time a new package, for your needs , what do you think? Just do it! I can't follow you...
  14. Server Suggestions Please

    As you can see on our Website, you can order your 10GBPS Server here: https://xtream-codes.com/whmcs/cart.php?gid=6
  15. Hello xlstokedlx, please choose V2 , the IPTV Minimal Edition is obsolete and by far not to compare with the newer Version 2, you will not be disappointed. Take a look over here: https://forum.xtream-codes.com/forum/24-announcements-updates/ Also take your time to read the reviews here, more will follow asap: https://www.cnx-software.com/2016/09/22/review-of-xtream-codes-iptv-panel-professional-edition-part-1-introduction-initial-setup-adding-streams/ 4 Parts till now, Part 5 and Part 6 will follow