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  1. Supported devices

    The panel was updated today and the MAG322 is now supported
  2. What server do you use?

    I thought about using a VPS just for the database and panel but xtream told me not to.
  3. Update Kernel

    I have updated and never had a problem.
  4. Server Suggestions Please

    https://www.worldstream.nl/en/dedicated/unmetered/info Once you select a server you go to a screen where you can configure exactly what you want. You are looking at about 150 Euro per month.
  5. This VOD Series Number Is

    and then when someone selects the series in a MAG box instead of seeing the same thing listed many times like S01E01, S01E02, S01E03 etc. They will only see the series listed once and then by using the left and right key they can select a number. Thae number they select will cause the episode number you entered in the config stream to play.
  6. Enigma 2 script

    If you only have a couple of users on a sat box then the enigma plugin is the best bet because it's FREE for up to 10 connections.
  7. USA EPG Source?

    Yes, you are right. It's working fine. Maybe my internet had crashed when I was testing it!
  8. USA EPG Source?

    The epg source you give no longer exists. Has it been moved?
  9. IPTV Billing Portal for Xtream Codes

    Been a long time now. Have you included the TV-Archive for Catch-UP yet?
  10. vod

    Now I understand what you mean. Yes, I think that is a problem with the panel. It does not report how many people are connecting directly. Although the source is still secure you will get no data on who is watching. CHris
  11. Vod storage

    I have no problems and have a lot more than 100 people on it! Not exactly sure what you mean by lagging though. One thing to remember if you followed my suggestion about configuring all the drives together. Not IF but WHEN one of your drives break you will loose ALL you Data. So make sure you have a backup. I now use raid 5. That means if you have 4 HDD's on the server, you will use 3 and the 4th will enanble you to replace a broken HDD without loosing any data.
  12. vod

    If I understand your problem correctly, when the VOD is added you need to set " Use Direct Source & don't restream it " to "YES" and " Redirect Stream to the Original Source" also to "YES" That way the VOD will not be downloaded but connections will go through your panel . No one will know the source.
  13. Server Suggestions Please

    Yes but OVH only do maximum 1GB and to upgrade to that from the normal 500MB costs more than the servre costs! Both Worldstream and 10io do 10GB servers. But you do not have to use all of it. I have a 20GB connection and only pay for a guaranteed 3GB but I can upgrade or downfrade whenever I want.
  14. requirements

    If you have an Ubuntu server the Xtream panel will install itself! Once you have a license when you log into Xtream Codes it will ask for your server details eg IP, username and password then it will set itself up and you need do nothing.
  15. data transfer

    Make an external backup and then restore onto the new server. You will then have to go into the new servers config and change the IP, name etc to complete the move