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  1. IPTV Billing Portal for Xtream Codes

    Glad to hear it was all resolved. I just thought it strange the negative post would dissapear so quickly. As I said, I have just purchased the panel. Nearly finished configuring it the way I want and about to go live. I have to say that so far Amanpreet has been very helpful. Once the panel has been up and running for a couple of weeks I will post a review here, but up to now there has been no problems.
  2. Vod storage

    No idea. All I can say is that so far we have had no problems. If you have thousands of simultaneous viewers then I thought you would have been making enough money to buy online storage. You can get 8TB servr with OVH for about £65 per month. 500MB bandwidth. You have to partition the Hard Drive yourself at setup to obtain this amount of space and you do loose the Raid backup.
  3. I was advised to use 512,000. That seems to have fixed the problem on most streams.
  4. IPTV Billing Portal for Xtream Codes

    f1ukserver made a post above mine. I received an email with the full text of the post. He was warning people about this payment portal saying his did not work correctly and he was getting no support. He said to be very careful when dealing with this company. I logged onto the forum and see that now his post has somehow been changed to just two letter "fi". What happened to the post? Is it being censored? I am not commenting on whether or not the panel is any good. I have recently purchased it. The instalation was done quickly and well but it has not gone live yet because there is a lot of changes I want to make to the frontend. It may be wonderful, I don't know yet but will post here and let people know. I am only concerned that a post which critisises the panel seems to have been deleted. Lets see if my post manages to stay here!
  5. BUMP. Any answer about the vRack yet? vRack is no longer free (well 10MBps is) but would still like to use it if possible.
  6. EPG for DE SKY

    Just an update to my info about how to use Rytec. Since the latest panel update you no longer have to unzip the xmltv file. The panel will read it directly. Makes it much easier. Chris
  7. General new guy question

    Hi Leonidas. I use OVH and their servers are fine. Remember though that they only give you 500MB guaranteed Bandwidth. An extra 500MB to make 1GB will cost you more than the server with 500MB costs! If you need HD space you can go for their 3*2TB disk package or 2*4TB disks. Remember when you select the Operating System don't just select OK because half your space will be used for a backup! If you select Advanced Config you can then play around with the partitions. I decided as the panel does a database backup every day and I have copies of all my movies I will get rid of the raid backup completely. My server now has 8TB useable Disk Space. Chris

    Servers are in Florida. That is important to know when you are thinking about streaming video.
  9. Vod storage

    I use OpenDrive. You get unlimited storage for about $12 a month. They allow Hot Linking and works fine with the panel. I always set the panel to stream from source and not encode. To get the correct hot link go to your movie. Select the Download button. A url shows in my IDM programme. I just cut and paste this into the panel. Just remember at the end of the URL line is a number 0. Change it to a 1. This allows streaming. Chris
  10. hosting

    The add above is for servers based in Miami Florida. Could cause problems with streaming content that far. Of course if your customers are in that part of the world then it looks great!
  11. series in vod

    Many people have asked for this ability for a very long time. But for some reason Xtream-Codes just ignore the requests. So the answer is, No, you are not doing anything wrong. The panel can not do it.
  12. Enigma2 Plugin problems

    You can access the settings screen and bypass the Validation by pressing the HELP key. You can then set the App to the Device MAC and then validate.
  13. IPTV Billing Portal for Xtream Codes

    I sent them a message asking some pre-purchase questions but so far have no answer. Maybe someone here can answer. What stops someone signing up for a free trial every day? So they get it all for free. Also I use the Xtream Codes Enigma2 Addon you purchase through the panel. Does this system use the same app? Finally the price was stated for a complete system but on checkout there was an extra for client frontend, what is this extra? Thanks Chris
  14. Enigma2 Plugin problems

    Hi, It has been fixed already in version 6. In the customers settings screen there is an option to use the real MAC address and not the Virtual MAC. Regards Chris
  15. server dedicated

    I use OVH, seem to be very good. Chris