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    Sorry but 1GBps not enough for us. We need a 10GBps connection. with selectable guaranteed bandwidth eg 2GBps, 5GBps etc. Also being located in the US I am a little concerned about your Network Connectivity to Europe and the Far East. I looked at an OVH server in Canada before but it was just too far away to give a good service here. Chris
  2. timeshift ?

    In the Stream Options screen, under "Delay Options" you can set how many minutes you want the stream delayed for. So if you wanted a 2 hour delay you would enter 120.
  3. Multiple connections MAG devices

    To be honest I have no idea but I do not think so because I think it only downloads one stream at a time so when you switch the first stream is stopped. So even if the server allowed more than 1 stream your device would not take it. But to make sure open a ticket and ask.
  4. Multiple connections MAG devices

    How can one Mag Box have multiple connections? Unless you mean if they switch through streams quickly a few could be open at the same time till they close automatically,
  5. why do streams restart

    I would like to know that too. If you raise a ticket they always blame either the stream source or internet etc but never their panel. I presume your server has enough ram and CPU power to cope? Chris
  6. how to block channels xxxx

    If there was a report button I would use it. sosobico pasted a false link. One of these ard sell sites. He probably gets commission for clicks!
  7. Server Suggestions Please

    Worldstream have unlimited 10GB io and guaranteed 2GB, but could go higher at peak for about 150 Euro To have guaranteed 10GB would be about 7,000 Euro per month! Chris
  8. Action On-Demand

    Not heard of Action On-Demand but On-demand means that the stream is not turned on till someone tries to watch it. This save you a lot of incoming bandwidth.
  9. Problem installation panel

    Best to raise a ticket.
  10. Mag portal - Howto?

    You just put the portal url in the mag box and it connects automatically. eg: http://my.host.name:88/c/ (the 88 is port number but it should be whatever you have set in your panel config.
  11. IPTV Billing Portal for Xtream Codes

    I have a customer on a free trial. He wants to pay BUT he cannot find any way to pay. I know you use the upgrade function but I have logged in as the client and I cannot see any way to upgrade either. All I see is new subscriptions. When he tried to use one of them it just told him his MAG address was already in use. Please explain from the client login screen what they do to upgrade.
  12. Server Suggestions Please

    Or you could try Worldstream.
  13. No Sound on some channels?

    In the stream settings, change the Probesize On-Demand option from 128,000 to 512,000 Regards Chris
  14. VOD server problem

    You can create the folder wherever you want. As I said. If you put it in the www folder you can use original source and it will not make a encoded copy. If you put it anywhere else a copy of the original film will always be made. Chris
  15. EPG problem

    For instance, create a folder on your server called something like epg make a small script like: cd/FolderLocation/epg;wget http://rytecepg.ipservers.eu/epg_data/rytecxmltvGermany.gz Run the script as a cron job daily. I presume you know how to do this. Then each day the epg file will be downloaded automaticaly to your folder. In your epg source screen you just put the folder location as the source address for the file.