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  1. Decent proxy

    so i can use my server in france to stream bbc iplayer
  2. Decent proxy

    limeproxies was fast enough but is metered, i'm now looking at buyproxies.org
  3. Decent proxy

    anybody know of a decent proxy with unlimited bandwidth to use with panel ? i've tried limeproxies and its ok for speed but limited to 100 meg. used that in a day lol.
  4. Best o/s

    ubuntu 14.04
  5. vpn setup

    i ended up using a proxy for the individual streams but cannot find a decent one that has bandwidth to cope
  6. vpn setup

    how can i use a vpn setup from within the server itself. i'm using ipvanish which runs on linux but i'm thinking if i install that first to change to ip then when i install the panel does it not delete everything like a format. if i install it after xtream panel will not be able to see it. What is the correct way to appraoch this please
  7. delayed streams problem

    i have made a +1 channel using the delay stream option of 60 mins. comes from the same source but restarts about every 3 mins. the original stream stays online for ever with no problems. Is this a problem that needs to be developed ? To make a +1 stream i take it the same source address goes in both the original and +1. Can the panel just not make a +1 internally ?
  8. My server is in status FAST RELOAD! HELP!!

    i opened a ticket and it seemed to be a fairly easy fix with out a remake
  9. Create Channel options

    you can click and add more by pushing add file again and again. this is already been made a suggestion for improvement
  10. IPTV provider

    what equipment do you have already ?
  11. EPG Issues

    i can get webgrabber to download the epg and i can see the xml file, i adjusted the epg path to match but no epg shows on satellite boxes still. i have ipdated the epgimporter plugin and it shows the ssatellite epg. is it still because the script directs toward xmltv.php?
  12. why do streams restart

    not even coming close to using ram or cpu. so i have 6 streams coming from my boxes and in the panel they all have different length running times. how can it just decide to restart one stream and not another. is there a set time limit to streams lifetime ?
  13. why do streams restart

    why does the panel stop and start streams, its so annoying. the streams come from my local source so i know they are streaming to the panel all the time from my boxes and the source is constant
  14. VOD server problem

    if you use redirect stream from source and then direct it to the film folder the film is in it will not copy it.
  15. Vod storage

    the fs-12t gives you 12 tb for £67 + vat