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  1. catagory order

    how can i make the catagories match the way i have them laid out inside the panel. different devices order them in different manners. so i have organised like this entertainment movies sports 3pm football documentaries music general streams kids usa international radio vod vod2 adult but it appears on smart iptv app as entertainment usa movies sports documentaries music kids vod international adult vod2 radio why is the order different than the way it is set and how can i make it appear the same. obviously vod and vod2 are meant to be beside each other and adult at the bottom at least
  2. Vod storage

    is that under the dedicated storage servers? how to partition the hard drive to get that space with linux commands? i'm not that good a linux yet.
  3. Creating Channel

    you mean creating a custom channel or adding a stream ? what transcoding profile you using. the one on here works perfectly
  4. Vod storage

    where to store my vod files. I have them in /media/movie at the moment but get a panel warning at about 150 gig. Am i better making a new directory on root. My hard drive capacity is 500 gig
  5. epg for custom

    but is there a way, like with an nfo file ? or perhaps with a txt file
  6. Import multiples

    also a randomise option for episodes to be mixed up without order
  7. epg for custom

    it is avi files of the simpsons to make a 24/7 channel but there is no information as to what episode it is screening on the epg
  8. epg for custom

    how can i get an epg to show for my custom channel programs?
  9. Import multiples

    It would be good when importing videos to make custom channels to be able to select all the files in one folder at the same time instead of separately or even better to highlight just the folder to import all contents
  10. Proxypass

    can you not just use your vpn provider to point a new dns address to the old one. then everybody will connect again
  11. youtube streams

    to make it worse no streams work and i'm not talking about youtube only, normal channels. i have a few in there and when started the icons just spin saying analyzing and nothing else happens. if i use the stream in vlc player it works fine. am i doing anything wrong
  12. youtube streams

    i add the script in var/www/html and make the stream source like http://myserverip/youtube.php?id=y60wDzZt8yg but when starting the stream the panel just says analysing for ever and stops if i change to a different option in panel menu. how are you supposed to add youtube streams?