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  1. All apps and addons info is available at http://mikkm.eu

    Please do not send PM's here, as i dont monitor this forum daily.

    Email: sales@mikkm.eu

  2. Yes, sql access is still needed because, you cannot get current credits for reseller, package cost, package boquets etc. with current API.
  3. API get EPG info return a coded description

    Hi, decode base64. base64_decode($string);
  4. [XBMC/KODI FREE] Xtream-Codes IPTV 1.0

    There is no public v2, new version with tv series and tv archive (timeshift) is only available for private custom versions (Skype: MikkM2014)
  5. Panel API?

    Please use search, next time.
  6. Panel API?

    There is NO admin related API!
  7. Panel API?

    Panel API docs are here, There is no "Admin API".
  8. [XBMC/KODI FREE] Xtream-Codes IPTV 1.0

    Update May 2016 Custom versions of this plugin now include TV SERIES & TV ARCHIVE functions also. Contact me in skype: MikkM2014 to recive your custom plugin!
  9. [COMMERCIAL] WHMCS Module for Xtream-Codes

    Hi! I was sick and as always i have lots of requests, so it may take time before i get to everyone in skype, please be patient. Just for info: newer versions of module allow adding/editing MAG devices in clientarea, downloading playlists/scripts etc. Also possibility to buy extra connections etc.
  10. [XBMC/KODI FREE] Xtream-Codes IPTV 1.0

    You dont get it really. Custom versions are developed for your service only, with your service name, hardcoded hosts etc.
  11. [XBMC/KODI FREE] Xtream-Codes IPTV 1.0

    1.0.44 is outdated. Also it does not work on some cracked panels. Use v2.
  12. [COMMERCIAL] WHMCS Module for Xtream-Codes

    This is developed by 3rd party, not Xtream-Codes.
  13. [XBMC/KODI FREE] Xtream-Codes IPTV 1.0

    I can confirm that there are some issues on some servers with newer xtream-codes panels. The issue is related with incomplete stream descriptions. This issue is fixed in custom versions of addon already, and will be fixed in public addon some time in future (when i have time to do it).
  14. Hi guys! I have developed WHMCS module for Xtream-Codes panel. This module will automate all user managment that is needed for providing services. This module features following: Create streaming line - Creates new streaming line in panel when product is ordered and paid. Disable streaming line - Disables streaming line in panel when invoice for product goes overdue (unpaid). Enable streaming line - Enables streaming line in panel when overdue invoice for disabled product is paid again. Delete streaming line - Deletes streaming line when invoice for product is unpaid for longer period. Add MAG - Adds mag device in panel for user if user inserts MAG MAC address when ordering product Reseller credits - Allows your resellers to buy credits for themself. Change password - Allows changing streaming line password in WHMCS client area Client area output - Shows all streaming related info to user in client area (user,pass,m3u link, mag portal link etc..) Watch Streams link - Link in client area wich logs user into panel client area to start watching streams instantly. Everything is automatic you don't need to worry about frustrating client managment anymore. Settings: Client Area: Product Configruation: Products in clientarea: Q. What is WHMCS?WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful automation & support tool. There are tons and tons of features and settings in WHMCS, also its templates are highly customiseable, it supports lots of payment types: Paypal,Credit Cards,Skrill,Bitcoins and many more! Read more about WHMCS: http://www.whmcs.com Requirements: Minimum panel version: V2 PRO Minimum WHMC version: 6.x This is a paid module! To get it please contact me in Skype: MikkM2014