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  1. panel improvement ideas

    The coding team works quite hardly and will provide features during upcoming updates and releases
  2. Supported devices

    or you can manually add this query update settings set allowed_stb_types = '["MAG200","MAG351","MAG352","MAG245","MAG245D","MAG250","MAG254","MAG255","MAG256","MAG257","MAG260","MAG270","MAG275","WR320","MAG322","MAG323"]';
  3. magbox 322/323 not supported

    just run this query update settings set allowed_stb_types = '["MAG200","MAG351","MAG352","MAG245","MAG245D","MAG250","MAG254","MAG255","MAG256","MAG257","MAG260","MAG270","MAG275","WR320","MAG322","MAG323"]';
  4. Supported devices

    Please open a ticket with the tech support team. Yes that model of mag supported.
  5. Panel Optimized for SmartPhones

    Hi and welcome to the forums. It is on to-do list of the development department Regards
  6. Help me start a project from a to z

    i would not advise any of you to start such business with trusting random people around. the forum the youtube and google have enough teaching materials so if you start such business arm yourselves with patience and will for learn.
  7. subdomain problem

    some details you will find here
  8. IPTV provider

    Hello You can do that by yourself... you just need couple of dvb cards and couple of servers
  9. Help Me to Setup IPTV Panel Minimal Edition

    Hello Jitendra and welcome to the forums. For any technical support you will need to use your web account ticketing system or browse around on our forums for how to's and tutorials. best regards Ovi
  10. @NightShadow Please avoid making streams / channels queries on the public forum. This is the only single warning , if you continue we will ban your forum account. Mfg Ovi
  11. Reselling XC to China markets

    Hi Jerry We already have representatives for China and South Asia market (Sen5 , TBS , Video Strong and few more top chinese suppliers) countries as (China , South Korea , Thailand , Singapore) full covered. Sadly until the "wall" that surrounds Asia internet is not lifted it is very hard to establish an working business there based on xtream codes platform.
  12. Hello Robert please raise a ticket with the tech team for this issue. Best Regards Ovi
  13. playstation 4

    Hello & welcome to the forums On PS Network Market are several apps for PS4 similar to SSIPTV which will allow you to use m3u playlists generated by xtream codes panel. Best Regards Ovi
  14. Catchup API

    Hello Mike and welcome to forums For any technical issue please feel free to open an ticket with tech support team. For requests suggestions features the development team is taking in consideration and gather them for implementation in the future updates of the panel. best regards Ovi