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  1. Force reselller to server....

    problem there is that if say we have one load balancer for each reseller and we let them choose what server they will have their user they also see all the other servers... and can pick any server they want instead of the one assigned to them
  2. Custom perfect player log in

    That was with xstreamers apk they sell thier app here.... good luck finding the source for perfect player
  3. Ok so i know you guys added the option to allow resellers to pick a server or for us to force them to one servwr.... but is there a way for just one resellers created accounts to access a server... because there is no way to do that... For example we have one reseller that has enough accounts on his name that we want to put a server just for his clients but if we add it to let resellera manage connection all resellers can switch to that server.... and then any other accounts we have created when the server is set to load balance allows our users to connect to that server so jo way of putting it just for one reseller
  4. yes it does work our resellers have a quick create page that uses the api.. all they do is enter username and password and then a seller note and then it creates the account and removes 1 credit... its not on whmcs but it does help them create accounts really fast... another alternative is for the seller to create you a whmcs site and they connect everything to where it makes all purchases assigned to only that one user..
  5. [Kodi] XTCodes Client PVR Add-on

    this guy ran off a long time ago sucks cause he had a good pvr
  6. Roku Xtream-Codes Client

    i have my own api for xtream codes that we can test if you are intersted pepinw
  7. it would be good though if the option was that they only see the streams they add and not any other stream ... we dont want to give them to much access to the system...
  8. Adding EPG in bulk through API

    yeah that was the hardest part adding it 1 by 1 its like a full time job... but once you have it you dont mess with anything ever again
  9. epg for custom

    you can create your own if you know in what order the streams play.. and just add it with the right time slots in a xml file for your epg
  10. that one i have not figured out but im sure the admins here can help with that
  11. Push to External RTMP Servers

    thanks ill send a ticket
  12. Exactly like it says on there... where it says the number 1 you replace it with the stream you want... i did notice however if you use a load balancer it will only stop the stream on the main server
  13. version 2.7.0 very buggy

    is your rtmp push method working?
  14. version 2.7.0 very buggy

    Im glad you told us... i was about to delete and do a fresh start and add all streams again... hopefully they get this fixed ... last version was great... no proboems for me in anything shouldnt have upgraded...
  15. version 2.7.0 very buggy

    Just confirmed with the rest of my team.... it also doesnt load alot of the streams thay worked in the previous versions thay we have been using almost 1 yr now as our private source... is there any way to revert back?