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  1. v2.7.4

    NEW : HTTPs support for all Servers. Bug fixes After updating all your servers will be https enabled with a self signed certificate on port 25463 ( default ). You can change it in Edit Server area. If you want all your clients to be forced to use the https protocol you need to enable it in the servers you want. Some players may ask to accept the certificate some others will play just fine. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you for being with us Xtream Codes Ltd.
  2. hi i had raised a ticket so many hours ago cause all my streams have been down since i update to new software even formatted server and still all my streams are down cant seem to get reposeĀ 

  3. v2.7.3

    Added: Dashboard on User Panel Added: More load balancing methods to split clients (Generla Settings) Added: Support for MAG 32X (General Settings, select the devices) Added: Replace {USERNAME},{PASSWORD} on copy_text for devices table Added: Offline Streams on dashboard is now a link and shows you the offline streams Added: Notification for unread tickets for both resellers and admins Added: Ability for admin to open ticket to any User (Manage Tickets Area) Added: Use Main Domain Name in playlists or do it dynamically ( setting on General Settings area) Fixed: Search for Enigma2 MACs on Connection Logs Fixed: Fast start On HLS Timeshift Fixed: Channel logo On Stalker Portal Fixed: Restart Streams On Audio Loss with Delay Streams Fixed: Logout Button on Reseller panel Fixed: RTMP Output Fixed: Stream Start/Stop on Load balancers via API ( Added "servers" parameter ( array ) ) Fixed: DB optimization tool wont delete unknown columns MISC: Optimizations using Boost Method on main server
  4. v2.7.2 Released

    NEW FEATURE: Delay Stream for as long as you need without using RAM CORE UPDATE: Latest NGINX & PHP 7.1.x Version FIXED: X-Firewall with Case Sensitive Option FIXED: Timeshift Saving Bugs FIXED: Timeshift HLS is now playable on most HTML5/Flash Players MISC: More Optimizations For EPG on Stalker portal MISC: Full Remake is now a lot faster
  5. Bouquets sort order fails

    Fixed! Please fast reload your Main Server :-)
  6. Bouquets sort order fails

    Try again now Sir. If you still have problems, go to Database Manager -> Fix & Optimize and try again
  7. Bouquets sort order fails

    We fixed it. Please fast reload your main Servers and enable the setting written in the announcement.
  8. v2.7.1 Released

    NEW: X-Firewall Paid Addon ( Reduce HTTP Flood attacks & CPU Load AVerage) ADDED: Prevent client connection from another IP while user is online [SETTING] ADDED: Pair with client's country upon first login [SETTING] ADDED: Security against Flood on APIs ADDED: HLS On Timeshift Added: Multiple Import VOD from m3u file ADDED: 1 more rule for rate-limiting FIXED: MAG Portal Loading Crash Few Times FIXED: Timeshift Rework & many bugs fixed FIXED: Stalker Portal Sort by Favorites FIXED: Stalker Portal EPG set to 24 Hour Format FIXED: Stalker Portal Timeshift Time Corrections MISC: Optimizations during loggining in to Stalker Portal MISC: Stalker Portal Channel Loading List Optimizations MISC: Few MySQL & PHP Optimizations MISC: Reduce bandwidth to traffic from load balancers to main by using compression In this update we focused a lot on optimizations and we did our best to reduce to CPU load average if your Server is under high traffic. We also introduced a new Paid addon Called "X-Firewall" that will try to reduce your load as much as possible if you are under attack. X-Firewall has a lot of potentials and will soon receive a lot of updates in the future. You can Enable/Disable X-Firewall In General Settings -> Security Settings but first you have to purchased it from our Billing Page. HLS On timeshift is now possible. and the new URLs are now with re-write module to become more user friendly. An example is : http://server:port/timeshift/USER/PASS/DURATION/START_DATE/STREAM_ID.ts http://server:port/timeshift/USER/PASS/DURATION/START_DATE/STREAM_ID.m3u8 Of course you will need to replace the above variables based on your data. (WARNING: With this update you will loose all your Current Timeshift DATA, we changed how archive works, so they will need to be re-written from scratch ) Thank you Regards
  9. Push to External RTMP Servers

    Hello, Can you please come in tickets to see it together? Thank you Regards
  10. v2.7.0

    NEW FEATURE: Direct push to external RTMP Servers ( Useful for Youtube, Facebook etc) ADDED: Ability to sort bouquets on Users/Packages on both add/edit sections & reseller packages ADDED: Complete logging of add/remote credits of resellers & Ability to add/remove credits of resellers faster from manage registered users using the $ Icon. ADDED: Resellers can only generate trial lines if they have at least X credits specified in manage member groups. ADDED: 24 hour Format on Stalker Portal FIXED: Sorting on multiple bouquets users is now better
  11. Hey just woundering if you can help me with isseus i'm having with parent categories. As well when making 24/7s it trashes the cpu . have bit rates at 1500 and set to ultra fast. thanksĀ 

  12. v2.6.1

    This release only focus on the Enigma2 Plugin. - (New) Design - (Improvement) Align Design - (New) TV Archive When channel is recording there will be an icon shown Play archived video - (New) Font - (New) Full EPG list - (New) Button Settings Automaticly starting application while booting enigma2 Choosing enigma2 player (default 1, if old box you need to set to 2) Showing all categories in live and vod can be set on hide Remote control - the option to allow administrator to control the box Set parental lock pin key - (New) Button Info Subscription information Device information - (New) Vod has more info, like added date - (New) Popup(choice) before exiting applications - (New)Notify users when there is an new update available, they can also update themself. - (New) Custom name Main menu - (New) Fix for enigma 2.2 and 2.5 - (Improvement) Back to video (without reopening) - (Improvement) memory leak - (Improvement) video player Optimized VideoSize is shown - (Improvement) Small Fixes code - (improvement) Yellow button fix - Sent message to all, update notify, self update. - Mac issues fixed - added favorites - Player can be selected(old boxes player 2, new box/images player 1
  13. We already have an API that can Add subscriptions automatically Add Credits Remove Credits much more The API is located here: Probably Mikkm's addon needs to be updated.
  14. New USA CMS Nodes

    Dear Customers, We are pleased to announce that we now provide new CMS Nodes in USA, to offer you the best possible experience while you manage your servers. These CMS Nodes will give you higher speed, if your main Server is located in USA You can switch your CMS if it is in Europe to USA, by opening a support ticket. If you want to purchase a new License you can select your desired CMS Location during the order. See the screenshot below Xtream Codes, will provide more CMS Nodes in the future all over the world to cover the high amount of customers. Xtream Codes Ltd Regards