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This release only focus on the Enigma2 Plugin.

- (New) Design
- (Improvement) Align Design
- (New) TV Archive
 When channel is recording there will be an icon shown
 Play archived video
- (New) Font
- (New) Full EPG list
- (New) Button Settings
Automaticly starting application while booting enigma2
Choosing enigma2 player (default 1, if old box you need to set to 2)
Showing all categories in live and vod can be set on hide
Remote control - the option to allow administrator to control the box
Set parental lock pin key
-  (New) Button Info
Subscription information
Device information
- (New) Vod has more info, like added date
- (New) Popup(choice) before exiting applications
- (New)Notify users when there is an new update available, they can also update themself. 
- (New) Custom name
Main menu
-  (New) Fix for enigma 2.2 and 2.5
- (Improvement) Back to video (without reopening) 
- (Improvement) memory leak
- (Improvement) video player
VideoSize is shown
- (Improvement) Small Fixes code
- (improvement) Yellow button fix
- Sent message to all, update notify, self update.
- Mac issues fixed
- added favorites
- Player can be selected(old boxes player 2, new box/images player 1


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